Megasaur Slots

The dinosaurs are always marching around and taking names. That is just what they do. When it comes to getting the most from the dinos and their namesake, then you have to take a minute and spend some time with them. You might be surprised to find out what they have went through and what they need to go through in order to get the most from the slot machine that sends them spinning to our world. If you are here to win some cash and have a good time, then you are in luck. This game can provide a bit of both, plus who doesn’t love a dinosaur themed game? We know we do.

The dinosaurs are marching through the 5 reel, 25 payline slot machine that welcomes one and all to come out and try their luck. You can be sure that you’re finding each and every dinosaur hiding in the back. You just need to spin enough so you can meet with them all. They are all there and they all want to make sure that you see them when they show up. If this sounds like a game you’d be interested in, then find out more about the graphics, the fun, the extras, the money to be had and more. The dinos are waiting.

How are the Dinosaur Graphics and What About Those Roars?

Everyone likes to hear a good dinosaur roar. When it comes to knowing more about his symbols, then you need to make sure that you know this, as well. This means being able to take the next steps forward to get the dino moving where he needs to move. When you’re playing this game, you can be sure that the spins that you do are of the highest graphics and the sounds match just the same. You will feel like you’re actually in the middle of the casino spinning the reels and watching them go around. This is one of the best things about the roars that come from the dinos in this game.

Those Symbols Have a Lot to Show

The symbols that you find out there are ones you want to keep track of. Not only can you watch them go around the board, but they also bring a lot of fun with them all the same. This is something that you have to keep in mind when it comes down to the graphics, to the fun, and to being able to make some cash off of the symbols that you land on. Learning more about these symbols means you might just have a chance to actually win and walk away with some cash in hand. With classic card symbols, you need to watch out for the themed ones that pay out the most.

There are many to make use of when you’re playing. However, if you’re just matching up the card symbols, then you need to make sure that you take advantage of the themed ones that are out there, as well. These are the red and green megasaurs that come around the board. They are the wilds of the game and they can replace any of the other symbols except the scatters that you find. The red megasaurs are the ones that double your earnings, so you want to land on them the most. The volcano symbols that come around the board are the scatters and they are the ones that are going to open up more possibilities than not when you land on them.

Big Dino Bonuses That Follow

Dino bonuses are a must and when it comes to landing on the right ones, you should always make sure that you’re learning what else comes with them. You can make sure to get up to 6 free spins when you land on at least 3 volcanos on the board. From there, you can grab even more if you keep up the fun and games and make sure that you get even more scatters. They will continue to give as long as you continue to land on them. That is the beauty of the scatters and the board that follows. They have it all.

Now is the time to check out the dinos in their natural habitat. Through the use of the extras that are out there, you can be sure that you are getting all that comes with the dinos and their fun and games. Of course, these dino bonuses are some of the best and they are the ones that you want to keep playing for. The progressive jackpot is also something that is going to pay out good if you can keep up the good work and see if you can land on it. It is all well worth it in the end if you’re able to do all of this.