Crazy Dragon Slots

When it comes to the slot machine that you're going to be playing at, you can be sure that you're getting all that you need and want from what they have to offer. If you're into Asian themes, then Crazy Dragon is the right slot machine for you to take advantage of and use. You can find that it provides the best colors. Even though it is just a 3-reel classic slot machine game, it is still one that provides the user with a lot of fun and plenty to do. If you want to cash in and win, then this is the slot machine you want to play. Ready to learn more about the dragon?

Graphics, Sounds and More

Since the game was developed by Real Time Gaming, you don't have to worry about not being able to enjoy the graphics, sounds and more that come with it. The graphics are smooth, crisp and clear so you know what symbols you're landing on every time you spin the reels and see where they take you. One of the best things about RTG is that their sounds go right along with the graphics on the screen, which means you can really get into your gaming when the time comes. Click on the RTG game and see where it takes you.

How About Those Symbols - What to Expect

The symbols that are in the game are just as important as the rest of the game. This is because you want to make sure you're landing on the right ones that are going to be able to pay out and pay good. You want to line up those fun themed symbols. They are a Bonsai, Dragon, Firework, Pagoda and Ying-Yang. Each of these symbols pays out something, but you have to match them with the same ones that you would normally match up and pay out with.

Take a second to look into the symbols and find out what ones you want to land on. Keep in mind that if you need a reference while playing when you land on something, there is a payout table on the top of the screen for you to look at. The firecracker is what is going to pay out the most when you land on three of them. The more you land on, the bigger the winnings are going to be. The other symbols come with payouts, but these payouts change based on how many you land on. The pagodas are the lowest paying symbols though if you want to know which might not pay well.

No Bonus Rounds From This Fire Breather

However, if you land on the dragons that come around the screen, you do get up to 20 free spins. Get one dragon and get 2 free spins, get two dragons or land on three dragons and get 20 free spins. Everyone gets to play the slots for free when this is the case. Through the use of the bonuses that come from the other games, you know you're getting extra. This slot machine is just fun because of the theme and the extras that come from the free spins that you're able to do. Everyone is welcome to come in and try their luck when trying to win some cash.

Now is the time to think about what themes you really like to play and which items are going to give you the most. You should feel good about the choice that you made to choose the symbols and line them up just right. Always know what is happening when the time comes to get more from the game and the fire breathing dragon that follows. Everyone has a favorite slot machine, do you think this classic one is going to be yours?