Bonkers Slots

When you want to play a classic game that is pretty cool, gives pretty large wins and is also fun to play, then Bonkers Slots might just be the slot machine you're looking for. With so much happening around you, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right slots for the occasion. This means that the Bonkers Slots might be the best for you. If you're not sure though, then it is definitely the time to check it out for yourself. You might just find that the wins you make here are the wins you always want to make. Though simple, it is definitely fun to think about when the time comes to cash out with the slots that have it all.

The Graphics Offered

Though this is one of the lower, more classic slots, it still has awesome graphics that provide the user with everything that they need when it comes to pulling the reel and watching them spin. When this happens, enjoy the benefits of having the sounds and the graphics flow together. This is one of the best things to think about when you're spinning the reels and being able to actually watch what is happening in real time. Real Time Gaming is an awesome software company and one you can make sure to get more from when the graphics are lined up just right.

What Symbols Can You Expect From the Game?

The symbols are going to mean everything in this game because even though they are classic, they provide the user with everything that they need to line them up and cash them out. Never have to worry about not knowing what you've won because they do provide a nice little chart at the top of the screen for you to check. This means that when it comes to those classic slots, you just have to reference the chart given to find out exactly what you have won.

In this game, you can find many of the classic symbols such as the bars and sevens, each one is designed in a different manner, so you can be sure to line up the right ones and know which they are. Additionally, there is a Bonkers symbol that comes around the board because this is what goes with the game. The sevens in this game are the ones that pay out the most, so you will want to keep them towards the top while just one Bonkers symbol is going to pay out the least.

Are There Extras or Bonuses?

Many of the slots out there come with a little extra when you go to play them. This is definitely something to think about because you don't want to put your cash down on a game that might not reward you. While there might not be extra bonuses or jackpots that they give you, the fun is to be had and the winnings rack up pretty quickly. The one bonus thing about this game is that they do have a Free Spins symbol that you can win up to 10 free spins with and even re-trigger the free spins to win a bit of extra cash when the time comes. Everyone is a winner with this.

With a minimum bet of 0.05, you don't have to worry about a thing. This is because you want to make sure that you're getting everything that is needed and more. With just one coin per line, you don't have to spend a lot. However, if you want to go up to the max bet of $5, then you could potentially win a lot more than when you bet the lower amount. Just line up the symbols and cash out with them when the time comes. This is a great way to get all that you can get from the slots that welcome you to them, though this classic game offers pretty much everything.